Ompare and contrast ideas developed in Crime and Punishment, and The Trial

Through our reading of Antigone, Crime and Punishment, The Trial and The Outsider, we have had a chance to consider justice both as a quality of individuals and as an ideal which societies aim to achieve. In this essay assignment, you will explore an aspect of this quest for justice through an examination of one of the themes that runs through these texts.
In an 6 to 10 page essay, answer one of the questions listed below. Note that in each case you are required to compare and contrast ideas developed in TWO of the novels that we have read this semester. For more advice on essay writing, see the Essay Writing Tips sheet found on Blackboard.

The Themes
1. The Nature of Confession
Three of the main characters in the novels we have read this semester, confess their crimes. What motivates this decision? Do all criminals seek to be caught? Do they need to be caught? Address these questions as you compare the confessions offered up by two of the characters in our texts.

2. The Insanity Defence
In the novels we have read we have witnessed a tendency to seek medical explanations for criminal activity. Why is it that we want to view the criminal as the victim of some disease, illness or disorder? What motivates this push to a?medicalizea? crime? Consider this drive through an analysis of two of the main characters from our readings.

3. Alienation
Antigone, Raskolnikov, K and Meursault all exist at the edges of society. They are all examples of alienated beings. Consider the significance of this claim. Is the criminal alienated from some society before or after he/she commits the crime? Reflecting on your response to this question, explore this issue in relation two of our readings.

4. The Nature of Crime
What is the nature of a crime? This question is raised in all four novels we have read this semester. Through an analysis of two of the texts, offer a definition of the criminal act. Be sure to defend your position.

5. The Administration of Justice
In these novels we witness both the search to understand the nature of justice and the attempt to put this idea into practice. Can justice be administered? Is this a realistic goal or merely some fantasy which we cling to in order to live with the current state of the judiciary? Defend your position making reference to two of the texts we have studied this semester.

6. Redemption
Raskolnikov, Antigone and Meursault all seek redemption for their crimes in one manner or another. Can the criminal be redeemed? Why or why not? Explain making reference to two of the novels discussed this semester.

7. I Need A Hero
In the novels we have read this semester we have not encountered your typical or traditional heroes. Indeed, they are the quintessential anti-heroes. Why do we admire these criminals? What is it that we seek in/through them? Explore this issue comparing and contrasting two of these of characters.