Ompare and contrast in Korean musicians and Indonesian musicians in a?tradition,a? a?modernity,a? and Identity.a?

Compare and contrast the ways in which Korean musicians and Indonesian musicians have
grappled with issues of a?tradition,a? a?modernity,a? and/or a?identity.a? First, choose a a?case studya?
from each placea an ensemble, a style, a genre, Next, discuss the role of
tradition and modernity in each of your case studiesa what elements come from the past? What
elements come from outside the tradition? What elements have changed to respond to changing
times and circumstances? Remember to consider not only sounds, but ideas and behaviors as
well. Finally, discuss whether the Korean and Indonesian musicians involved with your case
studies have used similar or different strategies in the ways theyave changed sounds, behaviors,
and ideas to respond to new circumstances; compare/contrast the kinds of identity issues they are
grappling with, and how the case studies you selected have contributed to their identity projects.