Ompare and Contrast Killing Honor in Turkey and Pakistan

For this research paper, you will make use of at least FOUR scholarly sources (at least two on each country).

Compare and Contrast Killing Honor in Turkey and Pakistan.

The paper should include the following sections. Consider the following questions while writing each section below.

1) Introduction:
a) Why and how is this social problem important to these countries?

2) Extent/magnitude of the problem:
a) How pervasive is this problem in each country?
b) What structural factors account for this problem in each country? (globalization, migration, state policies, political and/or economic context of the region, patriarchy etc. or any other that have been mentioned in the scholarly sources).

3) Efforts to reduce/eliminate the social problem:
a) What steps have been taken in these countries to tackle this social problem in each country? Make sure to mention both governmental initiatives (laws, policies, task forces, think tanks etc) and non-governmental organizations (NGOas) involved.
b) To what extent these efforts have been successful?
c) Based on your research, predict what this social problem will look like in next ten years in each country.

4) Conclusion:
a) What can someone interested in this social problem learn from comparing these two countries?

What is a scholarly source?
A source that is peer reviewed or published in a recognized scholarly source, like a journal or a university publisher. It can be a book or an article. Such articles or books target specific audience, typically people in specializing in a particular field.