Ompare and contrast Lord of the ring: The Fellowship of The Ring in book version and movie version

Compare/Contrast the book and the film

Requirements for this assignment

* You must see the entire film on your own at some point during the semester. The Extended version is recommended.

* 12 pages of text

* 13th page is your Works Cited page

* 7 sources minimum: book, film, 3 movie reviews, 2 scholarly sources. Example of Tolkien scholar: Tom Shippey, Jane Chance, and Kristen Thompson.

* 15 quotes minimum: 5 from the book and/or the film, 2 each from remaining 5 sources

* A size 12 font Verdana

* Correct MLA format for presentation, quoting, citing, and works cited page

* Mandatory Conference to which you must bring:

* A rough draft of at least 3 pages

* An attempt at a works cited page

* An attempt at citations for sources listed on your works cited page

* Copies of your sources: for books pages from which you have taken quotes plus the title and copyright page; for movie reviews and articles from journals the entire article, plus web information if obtained over the Internet.

* Final paper with copies of sources due Wednesday, May 17 at 3:30 pm

In a minimum of 12 pages, you will write a compare/contrast essay on the book and the film The Fellowship of the Ring. A general issue that you should address in this essay is whether or not the filmmakers remained  faithful to the spirit of the book by changing and/or adding to the story. According to the various video programs, they feel that they did do you agree or disagree?

You will need to use a minimum of 5 quotes from the book and/or the film. Do not just  stick in a quote. Be sure to use the Quote Formula. You must introduce/lead-in/attribute the quote in your own words by using signal words and phrases such as  when Frodo says, or  according to (see pages 361-365 in the Prentice Hall handbook). Then be sure to interpret the quote and explain how it supports your thesis.

When you quote from the book, you will need to provide a page number, parenthetical citation after your quote like this:  quote (241). When you quote from the film, no parenthetical citation is needed.

You will also need to do some research for this paper a minimum of 3 movie reviews and 2 scholarly sources (books and/or journals) 2 quotes from each source. You may also refer to the video programs, some of which we will view in class, but these would not count as required sources. A Works Cited page is required.

Question: Choose 4-5 scenes that are in the book and are changed in the film. Consider: Why did the filmmakers choose to alter the scenes? Does the way the scenes have been altered change the story (different characters saying/doing different things; several scenes combined into one scene; scenes placed at different points in the story)?

In your introduction, give some background about adapting books into films do you have any previous experiences with books you have read that have been made into films? What are some general responses we often hear about books made into movies?

In your thesis (this can be more than one sentence), briefly name the 4-5cenes that you have chosen, why you have chosen them (the point that you will discuss/prove), and whether or not the filmmakers have remained  faithful to the spirit of the book . (Remember that your thesis should be in your introduction.)

Using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone as an example, should you choose Option 3, your thesis might be something along the lines of:

By adding scenes such as the flashback of Voldemort killing Harry s parents, the changing staircases, Hermione showing Harry that his father was also Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Ron teaching Harry Wizard s Chess before Christmas, and Hermione suggesting that Harry and Ron look for information on Nicholas Flamel in the restricted section of the library, the filmmakers feel entertaining the audience is more important that remaining faithful to the original story.

(Note: The above hypothetical thesis is just that hypothetical. While these are scenes that were added, it is up to you to come up with the reason why you think the filmmakers added them!)

* Do not use the format:  In this paper I am going to& 

* Do try to use the Magic Thesis Sentence or one of the other thesis statement templates.

* Choose either the alternating (point-by-point) or block (one point at a time) method to help organize your essay.

In the body of your essay, discuss each of the scenes that you have chosen. Be sure to use your 5 quotes to support your thesis in general, you should use at least one quote for each scene. This is where you would argue with the filmmaker s choices and reasons referring to the video programs would be helpful here.

Then argue your position using a minimum of 3 movie reviews and 2 scholarly sources (books and/or journal articles) 2 quotes from each source (10 quotes).

What is your conclusion about the success or failure of adapting the book into the movie?

One last thing  both book and film titles are underlined (or italicized pick one style and stick to it) according to MLA format, so be sure to distinguish when you are writing about the book and when you are writing about the film.

P.S: Ive made 3 pages of the essay and also 2 Reviews from the internet. Could you use these as the base and try continue from where Ive left off?

This is my rought draft:

Billy Suwandi
Eng 120
Prof. Kathleen Shumate
May 4, 2006
Similarities and Difference
There are lots of movies which are adapted from books. This is seen as an attempt made by movie producers to turn the written story into something more real and visual. It benefits movie viewers who prefer paying movie tickets and enjoying the movies comfortably to reading the thick-and-time-consuming books. Some other movies which are taken from the books beside Lord of The Ring: The Fellowship of The Ring is the Harry Potter series and Memoirs of Geisha. I happened to read the Memoirs of Geisha before the movie was launched in cinemas. Although, I have to admit that I would rather watch the movie to reading the book. The story in the book is described meticulously. There are many introductions to the casts in the story and they are very clear. Compared to the movie, in which the casts show up here and there with not detailed introductions, leaving viewers, who did not read the book, wondering about the role in the story. Many critics are often associated with movies that are taken from books. Usually, they missed out a lot of points made in the book. This could be a disappointment for viewers who have read the book. Watching movies which are adapted from books are seldom satisfying. There are five examples of the story of The Lord of The Ring: The Fellowship of The Ring in which the scenes in the movie have been altered from what is depicted in the book. At the beginning of the story in the movie, Gandalf fears to pick up the ring in which Bilbo has left for Frodo and it is different from the version in the book which tells us that Gandalf holds the ring with no doubt. It is important because it will reflect his relation to the ring at a later part of the story. The second one will be when Frodo puts on the ring. The effects of putting on the ring are greatly different. Next is on the acceptance of Strider into the group. In the book, the reason for it, is well described but it isn t much elaborated in the movie. Also, there is a difference in the scene of what is happening along Frodo s journey to Rivendell. In the book, Frodo was described as someone courageous and brave because he was alone when he gets chased by the Black Riders. However, in the movie, his characteristics is told to be kind of weak and coward. Finally, the difference in the character of Arwen in the book and in the movie is also seen to be extreme too. Her role in the movie is largely different