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Reassessment criteria and marking standards for the coursework
The following criteria are taken into account in marking the coursework.

Application and critical treatment of academic material relevant to the assignment.
That is, have you located and used appropriate literature to help tackle the essays? Have you identified different theories, models and explanations that deal with the issue you are discussing? Have you included some critical material that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches?
Quality of the analysis of the issues under discussion; substantiation of your arguments.
That is, have you looked at the problem from a number of angles and indicated that you have thought about it a both in terms of drawing on research and theories as well as offering your own evaluation.
Can you find evidence to support the positions you adopt?
Integration of the material in the assignment.
That is, does your analysis, use of models and evidence constitute a convincing and persuasive argument in which the sections fit well together? For example, does it have an Introduction, followed by sections where you develop your argument, and does it end with a conclusion, where you draw your final views and evaluation together? 25%
Correct referencing, punctuation, spelling and grammar: see Section 3 below for referencing. 10%
Presentation. Is your essay clearly presented a as indicated in Section 3. below. 5%

Below are indications of the standards for particular ranges of marks above the a?thresholda mark.

Grade Standard of work
i ? 40% 50% The question is answered to a basic level and is largely descriptive. Analysis only includes obvious elements. The essay is structured using satisfactory academic practices including grammar and structure. The range of sources is narrow or of inappropriate quality.
i ? 50% 60% The answer embodies a reasonable level of research and analysis, applying good quality data and using academic models from good quality sources. The essay is well structured with accurate use of technical terminology and grammar
i ? 60% 70% Analysis is developed to a high standard and includes evaluation, insight, justification and critical thinking. A good level of preparation will be evident, with links to other areas. Use of technical terms will be accurate and fluent and the essay of a high standard. The range of sources is wide and of consistently high quality.
i ? 70% The answer reflects excellent understanding of the subject and includes detailed analysis, evaluation and justification based on wide research. The range of sources is extensive, with reference to demanding literature of consistently high quality.



Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:
a? Font size 12
a? 1.5 line spacing.
a? The page orientation should be a?portraita
a? Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
a? Pages should be numbered
a? Your name should not appear on the script.
a? Your student number should be inclu

Referencing Requirements:
A range of different sources, e.g books, journals