Ompare and contrast Michelangelo Buonarroti with a more modern artist such as chuck close, Richard Estes, William bouguereau.

The written report is to be turned in November 21. The paper is to be at least 3 pages in length, double spaced and written using a 12 or 14 point font. The assignment is to compare and contrast two artists. To do so you will need to look at each artists work, form opinions about their work, and reach inferences based on personal observation, as well as information gained about their lives through your research. This is not a research paper for the sake of research. I do not need for you to tell me about the lives of the artists you are critically examining. What I am interested in is how you respond to their art and why. The research is necessary to gain insights into the artists work, which will help you make knowledgeable inferences as it pertains to the subject. The sources you utilize will need to be documented each time the information researched is used. A bibliography page should be attached to the report when turned in, so that the contents can be authenticated. As an example, lets say I am writing a report on Pablo Picasso, and want to use the following sentence I found in my research. I reference it as such: How often he would echo Goyas dictum Ugliness is beautiful.[Richardson, 182]
In that sentence the information I gathered came from page number 182 in the book A Life of Pablo Picasso Vol. I. Written by John Richardson. At the end of my paper in the bibliography I have thus book listed (with the other books I used in my research) as follows:
Richardson, John. A Life of Pablo Picasso Vol. I. (The book title is italicized)
References can include books and other scholarly publications including annuals and magazines. If a reputable website is used, that needs to be included in the bibliography as well.
These are the only instructions given by my instructor.
The instructor does not specify the number of sources or the style to write the bibliography in (MLA?). Also, I am in the central time zone but didnt see that in your drop down list.