Ompare and Contrast Microsofts Leadership (chosen company) and John Lewiss Leadership (preferred company in the UK)

Instructions for the essay
Based on your knowledge of leadership, compare and contrast Microsoft with another organisation of your choice and state which you think will best meet your aspirations and help you develop as a leader.
As part of the assignment you should...
i · Explain the importance of effective leadership.
i · Show how the two organisations differ in their approach to leadership.*** (See
the guidance questions on the next page)
i · Assess your leadership qualities and developmental needs using relevant
frameworks and state which organisation you would prefer to work for.

These are possible questions you may wish to consider when comparing the two organisations in answer to the second point (***). You do not need to address them all.
I have chosen 3 question, which are:
*How does the organisation identify and develop its leaders?
*What type of leadership style do you think would be appropriate within the company?
(Consider the nature of the industry and what style would be appropriate)
*How does each organisation reward and motivate its leaders to retain them?

Essay Guidelines:
o The essay will contribute 20% to your final grade.
o Your essay should be between 1,500 and 1,650 words (Excess writing will be
o Essays must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 with double line spacing.
Pages should be stapled together (top left corner).
o You should submit your essay to TURNITIN via Moodle at least 24 hours before
the final submission date to ensure time to process the originality report.
o Paper copies of your essay AND originality report must be handed in at the
designated box near INTO reception by 15:00 on Thursday, March 13th. Please
allow time to print your work.
o Any student who fails to hand in the work by the deadline will lose marks.
o Your essay should include a plain cover page clearly marked with your name, your
group, the title of the assignment and the date that you hand it in.
o Your essay should include in-text references and a bibliography, following the

Some possible sites of interest from Microsoftas website:

About: /
Meet Microsoft: /
Graduate: /aspx Learning & Development: /aspx Vision & Strategy for the future