Ompare and contrast, more info in other instructions

Compare and contrast, first, the lack of the portrayal of tragedy in Yoko Tawadas Where Europe Begins to second, the portrayal of tragedy in Theresa Chas Dictee (p. 77 Melpomene Tragedy) and how all parties are affected. You may tell of how the books can or cannot be prepared.

The TWO books must be used. In addition to the two books, a total of FIVE (5) additional sources must be used. At least THREE (3) of those 5 sources have to be from the sources attached, although all 5 sources can come from them if you so choose.

If you choose only to use the minimum of THREE (3) of the attached sources, then the additional TWO (2) sources can come from elsewhere (e.g. google, etc.).

All sources must be referenced correctly and cited appropriately as per MLA format.

I have attached a separate document that goes over Guidelines for Writing, which goes over Title, etc.

The paper must be 7-8 pages, plus the Works Cited.

Please see attached for the sources:

****I will need the writers email address as I have some sources in dropbox that he will need to attain to write the paper.

There are 2 different documents that I will be attaching one is citation for sources and the other is the criteria.

The 2 books you will need are
DICTEE by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Where Europe Begins by Yoko Tawada

which I will need to order for you from amazon so if you send me a link to process the payment I will gladly do that.

Thank you