Ompare and contrast of Kants The Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals and John Stuart Mills Utilitarianism

The essay is related to two articles: Immanuel Kants The Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals and John Stuart Mills Utilitarianism. Following is the assignments instruction:

In scholarly writing, Kantas metaphysics and Millas utilitarianism have been compared and contrasted very often and at great length. This interest suggests that the import of each philosopher extends past their respective places in histories of philosophy, and that one or more of their ideas or modes of inquiry are resonant with our interests and concerns today.

In a fourto five-page essay, consider whether either author has a place in contemporary philosophical or political thought, and if so, how their ideas might be adjusted to accommodate aspects of our current world. Be specific: Which, if any, specific ideas are most applicable to the (our) contemporary world, and why ?

You might consider the following questions:

How does each author define a?the gooda? ? What assumptions does each author make regarding the self, a?natural law,a? and society ?

What historical conditions influenced the thought of each author ? Do you agree with both responses, the response of one thinker, or do you disagree with both of them ? Why ?”

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