Ompare and Contrast Opposing Points of View of Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce

It is june 30, 1860 and you are fortunate enough to be a memeber of the audience in the Oxford University Library to witness the Pxford Evolution Debate. The two main characters in th debate are Thomas Henery Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce. Agfruing in oppostion to Darwins theory of evolution are Wilberforce, Benjamin Brodie and Robert Fitzroy. Arguing for Darwin are Huxley and Joseph Dalton Hooker. Your task is to review the literature related to the Oxford Evolution Debate and write a reaction paper on the topic. Minimum of 500 words and no longer than 750 words. Required to be more than a simple summary and should compare and contrast opposing points of view on this topic. It must have three sections an Introductory paragraph, body paragraph which will inmclude details of your arguments and a concluding paragraph that recaps your argument. Must have 5 resources including jorunal articles, biographies, and websites with empricial information.