Ompare and contrast political ideologies, such as Liberalism and Conservatism

As far as sources go, you can use newspaper articles (online is OK), books, parts of books, scholarly journal articles (e.g., Political Science Quarterly, The American Political Science Review, etc.), and/or the U.S. Constitution itself. Basically, you can use any reasonable source. Types of sources I dont want to see are blogs, conspiracy theory websites, or Wikis (e.g., Wikipedia, which anyone can add and edit content). You need a minimum of three sources. Remember to cite them in MLA format with a works-cited page at the end.
Much of the grading criteria include:
1. Clear thesis argument or statement in the introduction paragraph.
2. Thesis argument/statement is taken through three or more outside sources in the body of the paper.
3. Thesis argument/statement is reevaluated in the conclusion, answering the questions of whether or not the thesis statement has changed after
considering your sources as well as whether the thesis is reinforced.
4. The paper follows a style, such as MLA, with cited sources and a works-cited page.
5. The paper is at least five pages long, 12-point font, double-spaced.
6. The paper is turned in STAPLED, with the students name, school, and class time.

The paper does not necessarily have to be argumentative, it can be descriptive. Either way, however, a thesis statement is required in the introductory paragraph.