Ompare and contrast rationalism and empiricism

. Analyze the debate between Locke and Berkeley over the concepts of qualities and substances.
a?How does Locke distinguish between ideas and qualities?
a?How does Locke distinguish between primary and secondary qualities. Give examples, and present his reasoning for the distinction.
a?What does Locke have to say about the concept of substance?
a?What view does Berkeley share with Locke? What is their chief point of difference? Why is Berkeley so concerned about this difference?
a?What does Berkeley mean by a?sensible thingsa? Explain.
a?How does he criticize Lockeas distinction between primary and secondary qualities? Present his reasoning.
a?What does Berkeley say about the concept of substance?
a?On what point does Berkeley rest his case?
a?How does Berkeley attempt to restore common sense into his philosophy? Explain how it is supposed to work to restore the object/idea distinction.
a?Assess the status of this debate. Which philosopher has the upper hand, and why?