Ompare and contrast Robert Southeyas impression of New Lanark with Owenas account of his reforms at New Lanark.

Here are the instructions:
1Southeyas account of his visit to New Lanark in 1819.

2-You might consider the reforms Southey noted and admired and those he disapproved of and compare these views with those of Owen. You should consider Owenas A New View of Society (1816) and his A Statement Regarding the New Lanark Establishment (1812), extracts from which are discussed in Block 4, Units 18a 19, and consider his aims and ambitions for New Lanark. One particular point to consider here is the two menas views on a?character formationa. The First and Second Essays of Owenas A New View of Society present his ideas on a?character formationa and the application of these ideas is discussed in the Third and Fourth Essays.This assignment requires textual analysis.

3-This question asks for comparison, which means you must identify similarities and differences in the two texts in accordance with the question. When making comparisons be careful to think about the structure of your essay. There are two methods you might consider. The first is to write your analysis of the Southey text in answer to the question, then in your analysis of Owenas texts make comparisons with the Southey text as you go along. Do not leave your comparisons to the end of the essay or the conclusion.

4-it is important to provide a full conclusion that brings your essay back to the question and sums up your argument.

-I will send you the files for the Block 4 Units 18-19 of my textbook ( Open University, as well as some files of Southeys account.

-Details of the book:
Authors name: Open University
Year of publishing:2004
Tittle of the book:Industry and Changing Landscapes
Place of publishing: Milton Keynes
Publisher: Open University