Ompare and contrast Sennets article and two other articles (web and Beck)

Major Writing Assignment

As the course outline specifies, the major writing assignment requires you to discuss 2 selected supplementary articles with one of the assigned tutorial readings. That is, you may choose whichever assigned tutorial reading you want to focus on ( Sennett) and then you must use the 2 supplementary articles that go with your chosen reading. Do NOT mix and match the supplementary articles with different topics. (That will give us all headaches.)
By Discuss”, I mean that you must put into conversation the major themes of the readings. To begin, you may find it helpful to provide a very, very brief synopsis of the 3 readings that youre covering. (Do NOT submit a paper that simply summarizes the main themes of the 3 readings!) Then, compare AND contrast the various perspectives that are offered on the given topic. You should also go further to indicate what you find most compelling or persuasive and why. Or, if you do not find a reading compelling or persuasive state your reasons. Feel free to indicate where you agree and where you disagree with the readings/themes/authors, etc. But substantiate your arguments with good reasons, not with weak emotional arguments (e.g. I just didnt feel moved by it) or complaints of textual difficulty (e.g. I couldnt understand it).