Ompare and contrast Shakespeares portrayal of women in Hamlet and A Midsummers Night Dream

Guidelines: punctuation and grammar, Use of Point, Quote and Development, Appeal to Target Audience (inc. variation in sentence construction, use of persuasive techniques, Logically developed argument (inc. sequenced paragraphs with appropriate connectives etc.) (Not a list like essay referring to each scene in which Ophelia is present in order.) Correct use of critical terminology, Make appropriate references to structure, form (revenge tragedy) and language in reference to Ophelias character. Articulate confident opinion and judgement, Analyse interpretations by other readers in a critical and sustained argument within context of your own opinion. Demonstrate understanding of historical and cultural factors relevant to text within, but not separate to your response. Demonstrate perceptive understanding of effects of contextual factors on audience with insightful comments on perspectives of different audiences over time. Please note this is coursework for AS level and not more than 1,000 words. Please be sure that it meets all the above criteria as I have to hand it in on Friday. Thank you.