Ompare and contrast the American and French Revolutions

Resources:Text: The West in the World
i § Article: Liberty or Liberte (ck4fkyn).
2. Write a minimum of a three page paper in which you first discuss the American Revolutioncauses, backgrounds, underlying causes etc. and then do the same for the French Revolution. After you have briefly discussed this, then compare and contrast the two revolutions.
3. You will need to find at least three sources in addition to the text. Your sources must be either peer reviewed or at least academic articles (these are articles which have references listed at the end.) You may also use books, but the books must be ones that list sources used in the writing of the book. Web sites are not acceptable references unless you have specific permission from the instructor.
5. Be sure to cite any information you use with correct APA citations. Do not write in first person and be sure that you have citations in the paper as well as a reference page at the end of the paper, again in correct APA format.
7. The paper will be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced with margins of one inch.