Ompare and contrast the Attitudes about gender/masculinity in western Films Stagecoachand Once upon a time in the West”

The course of this paper is called American Myth in the Western Film so the purpose of this research paper is to compare and contrast attitudes about gender/masculinity in two western films which are a?Once upon a time in the Westa? and a?Stagecoacha?.

There are some instructions and requirements must be following:
1. Please create an interesting tittle for the paper.
2. The main idea of the paper is about the attitudes about gender/masculinity in both films., like how these two films respond to problems related with gender/masculinity. For example, what does the ideal man or women look like? Who profits during a plot? Who is punished? Who is revered?
3. For the introduction part, there must be a hook.
4. You must develop a rich, argumentative and undergraduate level thesis statement. It all begins with a specific argument, an important question posed and then answered. Avoid sweeping statements and generalizations.
5. The paper must include some scenes from the movie to support your arguments. Like what does the character say during a plot in the movie can be consider as an evidence of your arguments.
6. itas very important to contrast an overall influence of your arguments to the society. For example, how does it influence the current culture of United States? What is the significant of your argument or point of view? For example many western respond directly to what occurred in the nation at the time of their inception. Itas really important to analysis that.
7. There must be 12 outside sources include in the paper and 10 of them must be academic sources.