Ompare and Contrast the book The Roadand the movie The Shop on Main Street”

Compare and contrast the book with the movie.

The Road: Cormac McCarthy

The Shop on Main Street: Jan Kadar and Elmar Klos

The Comparison: California is to the United States as Greece is to Europe

Greece California

1. a?embraceda? by the EU 1. Given the a?cold shouldera? by the US

2. Shares a common currency (euro) 2. If Ca. defaults, the dollar is devalued


3.EU permitted Greeceas default 3. US prohibited CAas default. Thus, taxes were raised; affected tuition costs / cuts to essential workers. Consequence, home foreclosures and banks failed.

4.Greece is small change: 4. CA. is the most populous state:
2% of EU population 1 of 8 Americans live in California
2% of the EU gross domestic product 13% of nationas gross domestic product

Comparison: Dysfunctional Political Systems

5. Corrupt 5. Gridlock

Contrast Between Federal Government and the States

6. Feds stimulate the economy 6. States depress the economy
a?Keynesian deficitsa? balances budgets
$787 billion stimulus package $350 billion deficit (all states)
2-year budget shortfall

Contrast Between All Major Democracies and the United States

7. Major programs are federally supported 7. States / Localities responsible