Ompare and contrast the classical realism with structural realism

the essay topic is understanding our current global practice in realist terms and in particular, the essay needs to be focused on comparing and contrasting the classical realim with structural realism. (please do not talk about any other strands of realism. the essay should focus on comparing and contrasting those two realism thoughts which is basically comparing Hans Morgathau and Kennelth Waltz.) it must point towards a set of contentious issues in the filed of international relations and essay should indicates that you ahve understood what these are and it should demonstrate an attempt to aswer some of the puzzles which arise. a summary o the literature is not acceptable as an essay. you need to demonstrate your familiarity with the literature and, then, moving beyond this, to demonstrate an applicatio of your own analytical skills to what has been read. essay should contain no more than 3000 words. a bibliography must be included and footnotes or endnotes must be provided in proper form. in order to avoid plagiarism always indicate, through the use of quotation marks, whne use is being made of another athors axact words. all such quotations must be folwed by a precise reference to its source.
please refer to the following readings to complete this essay.

Tim Dune and Brian C schmidt, Realismwhich is chapter 7 in John Bayliss and Steve Smiths book> The globalization of world politics”

Steven Lamy, Contemporaty mainstreain approachesneo realism and neo liberalismwhich is chapter 9 of the same book above, The globalization of world politicsby John Bayliss

Andrew Linklater Neo realism in theory and practicewhich is chapter 11 in Ken Booth and Steve Smiths book -> International relations theory today(cambridge Polity 1995)

Hans Morganthau Politics among nations(Boston, McGraw Hill Education, 2005)

Donnelly Jack Realism(cambridge university Press 2000)

Kennelth Waltz Theory of international politics( London, Addison Wesley, 1979)

please let me know if you cant find these books because it is mandatory to make references to these listed books