Ompare and contrast the cultural expectations for women in Kincaid s Girland Faulkner s A Rose for Emily.”

*Write a well-crafted analytical essay that uses concrete details
from the texts to support a clear central point.
*In your essay, you should consider such elements of fiction as
narrator, setting, plot, symbolism, when arguing your thesis.
*You should also consider whether the stories you are examining
suggest particular kinds of critical analyses, and, if so, include these
perspectives in your writing.
* Your essay should present a clear positional thesis (your position
on the topic and the argument you are making about it). Thus, right
from the start, you need to decide upon your thesis. Then, make sure that
all your paragraphs work to support this central objective. In other
words, do not ramble aimlessly away from your point.
* Your essay should use concrete description and details from the
text to support your thesis.