Ompare and Contrast the Cultures of United States and Saudi Arabia

Can you imagine any two countries around the world which have the exact same culture? Societies around the whole world have major differences while they also exhibit similarities in some aspects. These differences in societies are usually a result of religious convictions, customs and traditions, economic and technological development, and most importantly the values a particular society attach to the general freedom. In effect, these factors essentially make behavior by human beings different, which essentially brings the cultural differences in various societies. We can say that each country around the world has its own different unique culture. However, we might find some similarities in some countrys cultures. There are characteristic cultural differences and similarities of the Americans and the Saudis. However, in general, it is obvious that the differences in culture are way more than the similarities. For example, the Saudis believe that the religion is essentially the most important part in their daily lives. Americans do not attach a significant value to religion in their daily lives. Also, the Saudi government mainly depends on the religion as a constitution to lead the country. Because of all that, in this paper I will be focusing on the most important culture differences and some common similarities and of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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