Ompare and Contrast the development of two societies.

Here is the instructions from my professor.

Length: Your paper should be three to five pages long. Use an essay format with organized paragraphs that include topic sentences, no bullets or outline forms.

Format: It should be double spaced with 1to 1.5margins all around. Font size should be 10 or 12 with an easily readable font. You should include a title page at the beginning of the paper, with your name and paper title.

Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word. Please note that I will not be able to read your paper if you submit it in another format.

Paper Topic: In Chapters Two through Six, Bentley and Ziegler discuss the growth of complex societies in six major regions of the world between 3500-500 BCE. Your assignment is to compare and contrast the development of such societies in two of these regions. In your discussion, address the following question: What do you see as the most important element in the development of complex societies in the regions you are examining?

Potential elements to consider include economics (agriculture and trade), religious beliefs and practices, political structure and theory, social organization, military and empire building, cultural traditions, innovative practices, interactions with other societies. You do not need to identify the same element as being the most significant for each of the societies you discuss. For example, you could argue that religion was the most important element in Egypt whereas political organization was most important in China.

Potential regions for comparison: Mesopotamia (including the Mesopotamian empires, Hebrews, or Phoenicians), Egypt/Nubia, South Asia, East Asia, Americas, Oceania. Remember you only have to compare and contrast two regions, not all of them!

Thesis: You should have a thesis sentence in the first paragraph that summarizes what you will argue and why (i.e. what evidence your argument is based on). Underline your thesis statement so that I know exactly what you plan to argue in your paper. A thesis is a statement that provides an overarching answer to the question and introduces your main points of argument. A thesis is about an argument try and argue something. If you are uncertain about how to put together a thesis statement, check out the website for the Writing Center at St. Cloud University, found in the Webliography on the course page. Scroll down the page to the section entitled a?Organization and Cohesiona? and double click on the link entitled a?Thesis Statements.a? Similar information can be found on the websites for the University of North Carolina and University of Wisconsin Writing Centers, also accessible through the course Webliography.
Organization: The best approach is to begin with your introduction and thesis, answering the question of what you see as the most important element in the development of the complex societies you are discussing. Next, organize your supporting points according to region (discuss ancient Egypt, then Mesopotamia, etc for example). This method will clearly convey your ideas and provide a good comparative format. Allot about a page for your introduction, one page for each society, and one page for comparison/contrast and conclusion. You must also provide a conclusion that reminds the reader of your points and gives some insight into your argument (such as why the complex societies you have chosen are similar or different).

Supporting Points: Remember that history is based on facts and not editorial opinion. You MUST have real factual material drawn from the Bentley/Ziegler text, Modules Two and Three, and the online primary sources. In addition to referencing major ideas derived from the Bentley/Ziegler text, be sure to include references to at least three primary source documents from Bentley/Ziegler and online primary sources. Primary sources in Bentley/Ziegler are found under the heading a?Sources from the Past,a? and there are usually two of them included in each chapter.

Iam not expecting you to do any additional research beyond the assigned texts. You are welcome to use outside material, if you choose, provided you give proper citations for your sources at the end of the paper. However, using outside material will not necessarily improve your grade, and could hurt your grade if used improperly or if you draw on unreliable sources. Any outside sources must be scholarly and accessed through UMUCs Library and Information Services or other library systems. You may use any source obtained from links in the History 115 Webliography. Do not use general internet sources, and in particular, avoid using WIKIPEDIA, WHICH IS NOT CONSIDERED TO BE A RELIABLE SOURCE TO CITE IN COLLEGE LEVEL PAPERS. Feel free to ask me if you have questions about specific sources.

Quotes: Dont quote anything from secondary sources such as Bentley/Ziegler or Module Two, instead paraphrase their ideas into your own words. Remember you do have to cite big ideas from these but not dates or lesser facts. If you quote directly from the primary sources, that quote should not be more than a sentence or two long get to the key idea from the primary source. Any time you directly quote (that is, use their exact words) from a source, you must cite it otherwise it is plagiarism, which we all know is wrong from our plagiarism exercise.