Ompare and contrast the effects of the First and Second World Wars on the international system.

Marking criteria:

Task Fulfilment: demonstrates a high level of understanding of the task/question and addresses it clearly, avoiding irrelevance.

Knowledge and understanding: shows a good understanding of the topic in both breadth and depth. Covers expected/basic issues confidently and may go beyond these to tackle other issues.

Argument, analysis and discussion: presents a coherent case that shows ability to evaluate arguments, assumptions and concepts. Good use of empirical and/or theoretical material as examples/illustrations. Shows evidence of ability to think independently.

Structure, communication and presentation: material is ordered coherently with evidence of planning. Writing style is clear. Ideas are communicated effectively. Work is neatly presented.

Use of sources: evidence of consultation and understanding of an appropriate range of sources. Full, accurate and consistent referencing.

In addition, you should include a 100-word abstract (in addition to the 2000 words). This should outline the structure, main argument and conclusion of the essay.

Also please make sure that you were using at least 8 sources and they all acknowledged and well referenced.