Ompare and Contrast the Fundamental Differences Between the Ideologies of Liberalism and Conservatism

Conduct research to gain a broad understanding of its significance to todays political climate.
the research paper is required to have the following headings:
-Introduction. Develop a main thesis and state the issue and is relevance to the course objectives?
-Body. Develop supporting evidence for the thesis by presenting logical and reasoned arguments.
-conclusion. Summarize the thesis and supporting arguments.
-work cited. On a separate page list the sources for information obtained through textbooks, which may be accessed through on-line database, to conduct research. Ensure that sources are cited in MLA format. This assignment must be typed in MS Word and must be properly documented according to the MLA format/style of documentation (parenthetical notes with works cited page). The works cited must contain a minimum of three (3) different sources.