Ompare and contrast the Great Depression with the recent a?Great Recession”

Compare and contrast the Great Depression with the recent a?Great Recessiona?. Include a
discussion of the causes and effects of both contractions, using the AS-AD model to explain
both the causes of each contraction and the impact of Federal fiscal policies: the New Deal
of the 1930s and the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009-2010. Include a
summary of how each of the following measures of economic performance changed, before
and during each recession: Real GDP per Capita, Unemployment and Inflation. Develop a
paper between 600 and 1,050 words (approximately 2-3 pages), not including title page,
charts, graphs, tables and bibliography. Use separate pages for title page, for all charts or
graphs and for the bibliography. Include at least three timeline charts, one for each type of
measurement (Real GDP per Capita, Unemployment and Inflation). Cite sources for each of
your charts as well as one additional source of supporting information. Include both inline
citations as well as a separate bibliography for your sources, following APA or MLA
formatting guidelines for your inline citations and your bibliography page. Conclude your
paper with either a reinterpretation of your thesis statement that summarizes your arguments
or a statement of the implications of your thesis and supporting arguments