Ompare and contrast the influence of national culture on film

this is 9000 words dissertation….i have write the proposal..plz according to my proposal to improve it…this dissertation has three part…each part should be around 3000 words…first part.discuss and analysis American film (the grudge) and Japanese film (Juon)…main point is compare and analysis about vision difference, pls notice you need analysis editing or montage,lighting,cloths..etc..the part two about this topic..Japaneses audience watch(the grudge), does they can understand? American audience see(Juon) does they can understand, why? something like that…the last part is about why notional film culture? more detail please see two doc document.. please try your best dear writer…love u

Added on 12.03.2015 17:57
there two document are very important…one is proposal….other one is you need to know