Ompare and contrast the Mexican Muralism movement and the Argentinian Avant-Garde movement using the art pieces provided

As part of the analysis, you will need to address other movements influencing the works selected: Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, traditional oil painting (1500s-1800s), Renaissance, Medieval art, Classical Roman and Greek art.

Thesis/idea of paper: How both movements looked towards changing the future for the better. Helping give working and poorer classes hope and a brighter look on the future.

Art pieces to use and compare:
La Gruta Azul De Capri by Emilio Pettoruti
La Nueva Democracia by David Alfaro Siqueiros
The People in Arms by David Alfaro Siqueiros

You will develop an in-depth analysis where you have the opportunity to discuss those ideas as you compare and contrast works by 2 artists from two movements. You should also offer a thesis statement that justifies why you chose those specific pieces and not others. Papers will be graded for: a) your own thoughts, b) the quality of content, your ideas, thesis statement, c) the quality of your critical analysis (how well argued your points are), d) the quality of information sources used to support analysis (only MSU Library sources are considered acceptable), e) how well sources of information are documented f) quality of writing (how well written/ organized).

Your essay should make analytical statement(s) about the work(s) selected. The statement(s) should relate to aspects of the work(s) that are not immediately obvious and are thought provoking. You should offer a detailed description of concrete elements in the work(s) (title, composition, symmetry, perspective, color, contrast, shading, texture, etc.), but not limited to simply offering a description without connecting it to analysis. Explain how the piece(s) express the way an artist perceives and attempts to portray external i??visual reality,i?? or how the piece(s) express a subjective message about an artisti??s intimate inner world away from the objective i??visual reality.i?? You might explain how a message is powerfully expressed through the medium used (whether oil painting, mural, sculpture, or other medium chosen) or how the craft (the technique(s), colors, brushstrokes, etc) used help support the message the work(s) try to convey. You might also explain what the work(s) say about identity (whether that of the artist or that of the group he is a part of). You can explain how the piece(s) express the unique point of view of the artist in relation to different social groups around him/her as well as in relation to issues of race, class, and gender. In sum, consider the political, social, and cultural environment of the people who created the piece(s) (their world view) as they are expressed in the work(s).