Ompare and contrast the Oedipus Complex in Freud and Klein

The importance need to be given to the social and cultural aspect of where those ideas are coming from, the psychosexual development and how the theory moved from Freud to Klein.
What changes Klein introduced and why and where are the basis of the theory in Freud
an Introduction need to be written and also a critical view both personal and by other theorist , ei: feminist writing etc.

Let me know if you need any more information.
The Oedipus Complex (Ideas in Psychoanalysis) by Robert Young, It has all the references you need with suggestion for further reading.
Freud, Three essays on sexuality
By Robert Young there are some interesting internet articles on the subject.

An introduction to Object Relations by Lavinia Gomez.

Gender and sexual studies books can also be a good source.

We need to incorporate also some journals and more update information and articles