Ompare and contrast the positions of one or more neo-Marxist or post-Marxist theorists of ideology with those of the classical Marxist tradition.

Try to include ideas of Gramsci and other marxist/neo-marxist/post-marxist thinkers. The essay must be based on ideology because it is for a political ideologies module. Try to include a lot of analysis and synthesis of arguments if possible since this is where most marks are achieved.
For anything else please dont hesitate to ask.
Thank you.
Please try to include the following sources:
Maclellan, David, The thought of Carl Marx: An introduction
Maclellan, David, Marxism after Marx

However, you are free to use any other sources, preferably academic journals, but do not use wikipedia or any other unreliable online sources.
Also, I need the referencing style to be in harvard (that means placing brackets at the end of every sentence that contains a quote or any other idea taken from elsewhere), so please do not use footnotes.