Ompare and Contrast the production in Nirvanas albums nevermind and in utero

Your essay should use a range of analytical and evaluative techniques studied during the module. Your essay grade will be determined by your ability to apply a range of evaluative and analytical techniques effectively to support your discussion.
Be careful to avoid unnecessary biographical detail in both the proposal and essay. This information is only relevant if used in support of your argument.
Your essay should be accompanied by recordings of the songs analysed, either in WAV or high quality mp3 format, uploaded in a zip file to X-stream.
Your essay should show evidence of appropriate research and include bibliographic material. This may include information of recorded material, internet sources, Magazines (Sound on Sound or Tape Op for instance).
You must demonstrate the ability to reference material correctly using the Harvard system. Information on this is available on the library website.
Research and analysis have been evaluated to reach well argued and logical conclusions. Critical commentary includes examples from the chosen topic and from related areas where appropriate in support of the discussion. There is strong evidence of an understanding of the wider context in which the work discussed has been produced and consumed.
a? The essay successfully employs appropriate and accurate technical analysis (for example of spectrum, dynamics, stereo image, structure), and effective analysis of a range of research material relevant to the chosen topic. The analysis is applied to support the main arguments in the discussion successfully.
The writing is clear, structured and logical, and all examples and research sources are cited and referenced according to the Harvard referencing system (see Library online: Harvard Referencing).

Referencing Requirements:
Choose an album, a selection of work by one artist/band, or a selection of work by a producer for evaluation and analysis. Your discussion should highlight and evaluate the significant aspects of the record or body of work in terms of its sound, the recording/production techniques involved and its wider influence. It should include detailed analysis of at least two recordings in support of your discussion.