Ompare and Contrast the Progressive Era with the Era of the New Deal

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* Only source able to be UsedGive Me Liberty! An American History Second Edition Volume 2 Eric Foner W.W Norton & company New York London
example (Foner, 885).

Compare and Contrast the progressive Era with the era of the new deal. in what ways were they simular, in what ways were they different? Among others, be sure to answer the following questions concerning the two reform eras: who were the agents of reforjm? To what social and econmic problems did the reform legislation respond? What did the reform legislation try to achieve? In what ways do we today still benifit from the reform legislation of these two eras?

Papers are graded based upon Disply of familiarity with the text under discussion
clarity and accuracy
quality of writing and analysis
punctuation grammer spelling correct citations

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