Ompare and Contrast the reigns of Kangxi and Yongzheng

Book: The search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection By Pei-Kai Cheng & Michael Lestz with Jonathan D.Spence. (Pei-kai Cheng, Michael Lestz, The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection, with Jonathan D. Spence (New York: W.W.Norton & Company, 1999), 54.)
Using document 3.5, and the documents in Chapter 4, compare and
contrast the reigns of Kangxi and Yongzheng. What were the different challenges they faced and how do the documents reflect their responses to those differences?
Your argument must be based entirely on evidence from the specified primary sources in the Documents reader. You may not use sources from anywhere else.
You will need to be selective in deciding what to write about; for a paper of this length, iti??s best to focus on shorter excerpts from each document that strike you as particularly interesting and meaningful, and which resonate with the other documents you will use. Analyze them carefully.
These are the standards we take into account when grading the essays:
1) Do you make an argument that is clear and original? (i??originali?? meaning that it
avoids arguments that are obvious, or that repeat insights from lecture, section or the textbook). Is there a statement of the thesis? Does the paper follow a logical
progression? Does the introduction prepare the reader for what follows? Does the
conclusion fit with the body of the paper?
2) Do you provide good evidence, based on primary sources, for the assertions you
make? Do you quote properly from your sources? Are your interpretations reasonable and convincing?
If you can give me the essay before Sunday afternoon that will be great otherwise please do not write everything perfect, avoid used Professional words and do not use perfect grammar, just write as an second language student. Make some Insignificant mistakes because my professor is really really smart. Thank you very much and if you have any questions please let me know.

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Hi just make sure you do the citation and use footnote for them in the word document.
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