Ompare and contrast the relative contribution of India and South East Asia to Chinaas medical tradition

thesis should be developed along these lines: SE Asia functioned as an
effective bridge between India and China / the Sinic world. In
particular when it comes to the blending of medical substances in food
(and later with tobacco) the Chinese learnt much from India, via the
SEA island populations.

discuss the indian and south east asian contributions to the medical tradition, particularly focusing on the use of tobacco and in the end especially focusing on opium as a medical substance. the most important sources that must be included are Narcotic Culture: a History of Drugs in Chinaby Lars Laamann and Zhou Xun. Draw a line around the turn of the nineteenth century, which would relegate opium to a marginal,
albeit extant, position. Whatever information you can glean from the
Bencao gangmu the writer should certainly use.