Ompare and contrast the representation of nature in John Clares Spring and lines 306-51 from Book First of The Prelude by William Wordsworth

This assignment requires critical analysis and close reading of both poems. It is important that consideration of poetic form and language (such as tone, rhythm, rhyme, simile, metaphor, imagery, word order, alliteration, point of view) is included with particular reference to how they help to convery the poems meanings. You are also required to identify, compare and contrast the characteristics of two examples of Romantic poetry, one a complete poem, the other an extract from a longer work. Since this is a comparative study you should carefully consider the structure of your essay. For example you might wish to discuss them together, focussing on a particular issue as it relates to both poems before movingon to another issue. You must devote some of the essay to comparing the poems. This might involve considering their form, their use of poetic techniques and the effects they produce and the ways in which they address and reflect social and political concerns. You should refer to specific examples and use brief quotations in your discussion.
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