Ompare and contrast the romantic relationship

The Fallacy of Love
Love is more emotional rather than logical and almost everyone has it. There are many ways to explain what love is. Most of the time, true love is more illogical rather than logical. Usually in literature and films, love can be shown when two people spend most of their time together and both of them feel comfortable toward each other. They can rely on each other and solve everything together. Even though stories or films seem to have happy endings and everything works as you wish, the reality is not everyone can be happy and true love is not always exist in real life. I noticed that these stories or movies never end to be a happy ending because love is fallacious and it makes everyone to act illogical. When someone is in love with someone else, they tend to act and think illogically because they are crazy in love and canat think or act in logical manner. In the movie The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, the love in the movie shows that the love is illogical because in the movie it shows a false dichotomy by choosing either Andrew Jacoby, the Duke of Kenilworth, or Nicholas Devereaux, a charming man, to be the Princessa husband in the future; in contrast, a?Love is a Fallacya? doesnat have any true love at all because the character choose her love based on logical.

The movies The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is about Princess of Genovia named Mia Thermopolis has to find a husband when she is already 21 years old in order to take her grandmotheras role as the Queen of Genovia. Then, she starts to find a man that has her ideal criteria as a husband. From all of the men that have been introduced to her, she finds a guy name Andrew Jacoby and he is the Duke of Kenilworth. She starts to date Andrew but on the other hand, there is another man named Nicholas Devereaux. Mia and Nicholas always fight with each other but while they are fighting, their love starts to begin. Thereas a dilemma inside Princess Miaas heart: either to choose Andrew or Nicholas. This situation seems like illogical because true love comes with no reasons. When people are in love with each other, it always seems illogical because there are no concrete reasons why they are in love with each other. This situation tends to be more emotional and illogical. In logical thinking, Princess Mia will choose Andrew because he is the Duke of Kenilworth and Mia also will be the queen of Genovia but the fact, Mia chooses Andrew to be with her at the end of the story. When true love appears in someoneas life, they tend to act illogically and they canat think straight.

On the other side, the first purpose for Nicholas to be with Princess Mia is because his uncle always wants him to be the husband of the Queen of Genovia for their family purpose. At first, Nicholas uses his logical thinking to get Princess Mia, but as the story goes on, he really falls in love with Princess Mia without using his logical thinking anymore. He really thinks that he will lose Princess Mia because she will marry Andrew, but at the end Princess Mia chooses not to marry Andrew because he is not her true love. To express his feeling to Princess Mia, Andrew said, a?You are, in fact. I am in love with the Queen-to-be, and I am inquiring if she loves me, tooa?(Film of Princess Diaries 2). This situation shows that Andrew uses his emotion and illogical thinking and his love to Princess Mia comes without realizing it.

The decision made by Princess Mia is absolutely fallacious and the specific fallacy is false dichotomy because Princess Mia has two choices either to choose Andrew, the Duke of Kenilworth or Nicholas, an ordinary man. Another choice that she has to make is either she wants to be a queen and marry a man or she doesnat want to be a queen and doesnat have to marry a man. In logical thinking, maybe most people will choose Andrew because he is very kind, handsome, and from royal family and also Princess Mia can be the queen of Genovia, but Princess Mia chooses Nicholas in the end. It seems that the love is blind and illogical to many people.

Sometimes love might seem to be logical, but the truth is that true love is still emotional and illogical. The story a?Love is a Fallacya? that was written in the 1950as have loves that are logical and illogical. The story is about the narrator, Petey and Polly. In the story, the narrator loves Polly. He thinks way to get Polly by making a deal with his friend, Petey, that he will give his raccoon coat to Petey but he has to give away his beloved girlfriend, Polly, to the narrator. The narrator uses his logical thinking to get Polly. The narrator said, a?She was, to be sure, a girl who excited my emotions, but I was not one to let my heart rule my head. I wanted Polly for a shrewdly calculated, entirely cerebral reason a?(384). Petey agrees to get the raccoon coat and sacrifice his girlfriend to have a couple of dates with the narrator. In this situation, it shows that that the narratoras love towards Polly is emotional but the relationship between the narrator and Polly is based on logical thinking. As the story continues, Polly is not a fool girl as the narrator thinks about her. She promises Petey that she would always be Peteyas girlfriend. But eventually, behind all of these, Polly uses logical thinking and the reason why she wants with Petey is because Petey has the raccoon coat. This breaks the narratoras feeling and he says, a?Youare a logician. Letas look at this thing logically. How could you choose Petey bellows over me?a? (Shulman 391). Polly uses her logical thinking that she wants to date a guy with a raccoon coat. She says to the narrator, a?Heas got a raccoon coata? (Shulman 391). This really shows that Polly uses her logic because she thinks that all men who have a raccoon coats is cool but the fact is Peteyas raccoon coat was given by the narrator.

The love in the story is based on benefits between each other. The narrator wants to get Polly based on his logical reason. He sacrifices to give his raccoon coat to Petey in order to have a couple of dates with Polly. Another fallacy also appears in the story, which is a false analogy because Petey treats his girlfriend like a thing that can be exchange with a raccoon coat. Compared to all of the characters in the story, Polly uses her logic to get Petey as her boyfriend and the concrete reason is because of his raccoon coat.

The movie of Princess Diaries 2 is very different in the way the characters develop their true love. The story line illustrates fallacious true love in which the Princess of Genovia, Princess Mia, would rather not become the Queen of Genovia rather than be married with someone that is not her true love. She chooses not to marry the Duke of Kenilworth and follow her heart to find her true love. On the other hand, the story of Love is a Fallacy shows that all the characters in the story use their logic to get what they want and they also use their emotion. Based on the story, the reader is still not sure whether Polly will still choose Petey if he doesnat have the raccoon coat anymore. Through the story, a?Love is a Fallacya? shows that love is fallacious. In the movie a?The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagementa?, Princess Mia not thinking about her position to be the Queen of Genovia and she was not thinking by using her logic and it brought them to obligate fallacies.

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page3a.htm. If Love is a Fallacy”, are the loves or romantic relationships portrayed in the story logical or illogical(fallacious)? Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the romantic relationship depicted in a story famed for portraying Truelove. Compare and contrast the story Love is a Fallacywith the movie The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement”.