Ompare and contrast the sales channels (Wal mart, Carrefour globally)

Compare and contrast the sales channels (Wal mart, Carrefour globally) operating in the same product sector. Compare and contrast the buying assortment of these retailers. Discuss how the store design supports the buying and merchandising strategy of the retailers

Points to consider:

Retailers background and development of the sales channels
Establish the product sector and why they are competitors
Look at the management of the buying process and supply chain through to the consumer
Price points and POS material
Please include observational, primary and secondary research in your debate
Remember the consumer is central to the retail marketing mix and their responses to their retail environment and product choice is at the core of all retail strategy
the opening of new branches and the closing of branches all around the world

Please remember to include any relevant visuals to support your submission in addition to relevant justification from books, journals etc.