Ompare and contrast the scientific principles of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound

You should focus on the physics of the imaging methods and are not expected to discuss radiographic technique. You should discuss (similarities and differences). You should mention biological effects and safety but this should not form a major part of your essay (300words).
*This essay should not discuss how machines work but you need to compare between the MRI and Ultrasound in term of similarities & differences; for example: both can produce heat in patients body, both do not use ionising radiation, etc..
a? Remember that this is a science module
a? You are encouraged to use illustrations such as tables, images and diagrams to support your comparisons and there are no word penalties for these.
a? You should fully reference your essay, using Harvard systema? Use your own words and avoid making excessive quotations from published writings.
a? You may include an appendix with supporting technical information if you wish, but remember that the appendix must not be used as a means of circumventing the word limit and must not contain written discussion which belongs in the main body of the essay text.
a? You are advised to include an introduction and conclusion within your essay.