Ompare and contrast the styles of two tap dancers: Fred Astaire and Bill Robinson and explain what they brought to the tap dance community.

From the list that follows, choose
two major tap dancers or tap dance acts and analyze the major artistic contributions of their dancing defined by the aesthetic principles and how their contribution
differs from the other tap dancer that you discuss in your paper.
Depending on your chosen dancers, you might discuss their socialrelevance, as well.

The research paper is a 5-6 page essay with a thesis, supporting facts and opinions and a conclusion that refers back to your thesis.A minimum of five resources is required.Of these, two must be from actual books.Please cite your sources in the body ofthe paper and please include a bibliography of your sources.
I would prefer if this paper was on Bill Robinson and Fred Astaire, but you could also choose: Savion Glover, Shirley Temple, Gene Kelly, Baby Laurence, Gregory Hines, or John Bubbles.