Ompare and contrast the theoretical approach to the problem of structure and agency taken by giddens and bourdieu

crucial reading Harrington, A., ed (2005) Modern Social Theory: An Introduction, edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Clarke, S. (2006) From Enlightenment to Risk: Social Theory and Contemporary Society, edn. London: Palgrave.

Key websites
Extracts from many of the authors we will consider can be found here: php
Post-War Western thought at modsbook57.html

Books to look at for essay
Beck, U., Giddens, A. and Lash, S. (1994) Reflexive Modernization: Politics, Tradition and Aesthetics in the Modern Social Order, edn. Cambridge: Polity Press.
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harvard referencing

If you do not reference your work properly marks will be deducted from your essay or it may not be given a mark at all
Whether you are paraphrasing an author or citing them word for word reference the work as follows (Cannon 2005, p.123). In the bibliography I will expect to find the full reference for the source:
Cannon, Bob (2005) The Sociology of Everything, London: Routledge.
Please note, book titles must be italicised. Quotations should be cited exactly as they appear in the source  do not put them in italics or use bold if not the original. If you do make any changes to the text cited you must indicate this. For example, if you italicise a word or section (for emphasis) then in the brackets afterwards put  my emphasis .
If you use a quotation (from Marx 1996, p.123) that you found in another text (Cannon 2005) then you reference Cannon (2005, p.123) and not Marx (1996, p.123).
Ensure that every source referenced appears in your bibliography and every reference in your bibliography appears in the essay. This includes Internet sites, newspapers, etc.
The bibliography must be set out alphabetically by the author s last name (there is a sort by A to Z command under  Table in Microsoft which will do this for you). You do not need to cite lecture notes but you should only use them for background purposes.