Ompare and contrast the treatment of social enterprise by two scholars with distinctly different views of social enterprise.

i?? The key challenge with this assignment is settling on two scholars who have i??distinctly differenti?? views. A good starting point i?? because he is so widely cited and thus perceived as having made a valued and innovative contribution to this debate would be Charles Leadbeater He has his own website theriseofthesocialentrepreneur.pdf?1240939425
i?? Critics of the Leadbeater approach can come from two directions; the left and the right. From the left is the criticism that such an approach accepts the denuding of the state as a good thing and that the non-universal provision of state resources and community capabilities engenders spatial inequalities where those areas with greater capability are able to capture more resources. The left might (there are differences on the left so wei??ll use the word i??mighti??) see social entrepreneurship as a i??sticking plasteri?? for the ills of society. However a communitarian and co-operative tradition also exists on the left and of this grew the co-operative movement in Rochdale in the 1940s. The right might construct a critique based upon the observation that social entrepreneurship only bares a passing similarity to i??reali?? entrepreneurship. That without the incentive of profit the actions of such endeavour will be sub-optimal and as such this will be an ineffective use of resources. Only projects that embrace the full motivations of entrepreneurship and are able to exist without any form of state support are only i??fauxi?? entrepreneurs i?? such thing would have to accommodate the reality that the state already buys a multitude of services and goods from private sector providers i?? for example Capita and the host of other i??servicei?? companies that the government uses to deliver i??out-sourced servicesi??
i?? Philanthrocapitalism is a new term coined to describe the charitable giving of the rich and super-rich towards achieving some form of social good/service. The key example of this is Bill Gates i?? some people argue that this is the worst sort of paternalistic capitalism , others might argue that demonstrates that capitalism has a moral compass with the wealthy demonstrating their commitment towards a wider social good for all.

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i?? There are a plethora of websites that set out the aims, scope and objectives of social enterprise i?? with case studies. These can very useful and informative such as fp2p/why-social-entrepreneurship-has-become-a-distraction-its-mainstream-capitalism-that-needs-to-change/. It links well to this article about the WEF at Davos 23/at-davos-a-romance-with-social-entrepreneurship/
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