Ompare and contrast the views of diverse sociologists

Theoretical perspective research paper
Each student must write a 3-4 page research paper of two sociologists with seemingly contradictory theories. The goal of the paper is for students to compare and contrast the views of diverse sociologists.
The paper should contain:
a? A brief summation of the theories of each sociologist.
a? A discussion of how you believe the background of the sociologist may have impacted his/her view of society as reflected in his/her theories.
a? How are the theories/perspectives of the sociologist contradictory?
a? What similarities can you find in the theories?

Students are expected to use only reputable sources (e.g. websites that are unbiased, peer reviewed journals, academic books, etc.), Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information. The paper should be 3-4 pages meeting all standards of APA formatting and citations. The paper will be evaluated based on information content (interpretation and degree of elaboration on the topic, use of course material, material is communicated clearly and coherently), spelling and syntax.