Ompare and contrast the work and lives of Walter Gropius and Oscar Niemeyer

The aim of the essay assignment is to make students aware of the uniqueness of specific historical
events and encounters in the grand narratives of history. Architectsa personae are to be read a not as
abstract historical figures, but as being connected with complex social, political and cultural conflicts
and experiences of their time.
The task of the essay is to understand a particular aspect of an architectas life investigated through her
or his encounter with another architect that might have influenced her or him. Investigate in detail how
the encounter between the two architects looked like and how one was influenced by the work of the
other. The task is to research, observe and illustrate the medium or moment through which both
architects could be connected.
It is not about inventing an encounter, but to research the exact circumstances of their connection.
You will need to read architects biographies, monographs, letter correspondence and archival
How did one hear from the other? Did they ever meet? Did both architects share the same period of
time, how far apart did they practice, how could one know the work of the other. Did one read the
writing of the other? What media was used for their communication? The idea is not to compare the
complete lives of two architects, but to identify one or a few key a projects and ideas in which the two
architects have taken decisions to design similar/ or different architectural gestures.
Study, observe and describe the particular architectural details that might give evidence of the creative
encounter between the two architects.