Ompare and Contrast these 3 poems on the Icarus theme

* University level essay
* 5 pages (which does not include the required MLA formatted works cited page)
* MLA format
* Times New Roman 12pt
* at least these 3 sources
* all 3 sources should be cited equally throughout the essay
* each paragrpah should contain at least 3 citations -1 from each main source
* avoid gradeous statements (Since time immemorial”, etc.)

Paper MUST compare and contrast these 3 poems and the Icarus theme:
1. Musee des BeauxArts —

3. Brueghel in Naples by Dannie Abse –
hugopaul.htm (scroll down and you will find it)

Again, paper must compare and contrast these 3 peoms based on the Icarus theme.

Paper cannot include biographical data on any of the 3 authors.