Ompare and contrast three ethical theories

MME 101
Paper #3 a Review of Three Ethical Theories
This paper is to be at least five full pages long (not including references), typed, double-spaced
using 12 pt font. Be sure to include at least five different references with three from outside of
those given in class. The paper is worth 10 points as shown below. You MUST use the page
numbering as given below with sections labeled.
Review any three major ethical theories including the one you subscribe to. Two of the three
theories must be Utilitarianism, Deontologicalism, Virtue Ethics, Golden Rule, or Rights Ethics.
1) First section: Compare and contrast the three ethical theories. (4 pts, page #1, 2, & 3)
2) Second section: Explain why you subscribe to your ethical theory. (1 pt, page # 4a)
3) Third section: Apply each of these three ethical theories to the Ford Pinto case to
deduce the best course of action. (3 pts, page # 4b and 5)
4) Use professional writing style without spelling, grammar, format, etc. errors (2 pts).
Some web references for ethical theories are given below.
Internet Encyclopedia of Ethics
Wikipedia (links to various ethical theories appear at the bottom of the page)
A brief overview
A summary pdf file