Ompare and Contrast three hero myths…details below

Compare and contrast three heroes,

A-What mythic themes do you detect in each of the hero myths that you are discussing? Explain a Common theme between these threee Hero Myths. Choose fromt he following themes: Birth of a Hero, the Heros quest, the Heros journey to the Land of the Dead, and Heros Father is a God.

B-Which of the three heroes do you prefer? Why do you prefer one hero to the others? What are the shorcoming of the other heroes?

Hero Myth Choices(choose three): The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Labors and Death of Herakles, Ramayana, The Mwindo Epic, and Gassire s Lute.

Requirements are:

* An introductory paragraph containing a clearly defined statement of what you intend to argue.

* An in-depth argument, making points in favor of the thesis you are

* A concluding paragraph (or two) that summarizes your findings, i.e.,
restate your argument and the proofs that you have adduced in support of your

* Correct citation style, including a bibliography of all works/websites cited.

* Correct spelling, grammar, and syntax.

*Make sure to clearly state the thesis in the beginning.

The following is the atual rubric for the paper:

1. Is the title of the paper appropriate to its content? (5 pts.)

2. Is the paper at least 2000 words (5 pts)? Are sources cited properly (5 pts)?
Does the paper follow the directions provided and address the issues prescribed in the topic guidelines?(5 pts) (15 pts total).

3. Does the introduction state clearly what the writer intends to investigate
(i.e., does it have a thesis statement)? (5 pts) Does the introduction state
from what sources the writer will derive his or her evidence? (5 pts) (10 pts total)

4. Does the body of the paper contain a convincing argument for the writer s
point of view? (15 pts) Is the argument well-organized? (10 pts) Does the body
of the paper contain short quotations that help illustrate the writer s
argument? (10 pts) (35 pts total)

5. Does the conclusion of the paper recapitulate the writer s argument
logically and persuasively? Does the writer achieve the goals of his or her paper? (5
pts total)


Spelling (10 pts)

Grammar (noun/verbs agreement, participles unambiguous, commas and
punctuation, no run-ons and fragments). (10 pts)

Usage (style, diction, correct usage, etc.). (10 pts)