Ompare and contrast Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby from the Novel The Great Gatsby”

Each of the characters in The Great Gatsby serves a purpose not only in terms of the plot but also in terms of representing characteristic elements of the Roaring 20s as a whole. Compare and contrast the two characters from the novel. Be sure to elaborate on the interactions of these characters and how they affect the novel as a whole both in terms of plot and in terms of the other characters. Also include what aspect of the Roaring 20s they represent and how you know they represent that aspect that is, what evidence is given in the text to cause you to believe they represent a certain thing. 3 pages double spaced 12 p0int New Times Roman font 1margins on all sides of paper Quotations are properly sited using MLA format. Quotatins longer than four typed line are indented from the rest of the text. Last name and page number appear 1/2 from the top of the page in the top right corner of every page as a header.