Ompare and contrast two articles with opposite viewpoints (opposing articles)


1. So which pair of articles did you most enjoy reading?
2. Youll write a short compare / contrast of those two articles…
3. You will of course quote judiciously (not over-much) from the articles.

Heres how to organize your THREE paragraphs: a?

1. Paragraph one summarizes article 1 (2-3 sentences), then summarizes article 2 (2-3 sentences). Make this flow well, of course, and use a lead / hook / opening sentence to catch your audiences attention. This paragraph sets up for your readers the contrast / comparison to come. Conclude paragraph one with a thesis sentence.

2a? Paragraph two contrasts (shows differences between) the two articles. Points of contrast can include: tone, diction, use of examples / statistics / figurative language / etc., organization, use of sentences / paragraphs, purpose, length, approach, perspective, degree of persuasiveness, and so on.

3a? Paragraph three compares (shows the similarities between) the two articles. Close with a Clinchersentence indicating that your compare / contrast essay is complete. It may begin In conclusionor Thusor Consequentlyor In sumor any other way you see fit.

a? Please quote from the texts. Because there are two texts, youll need to give both author and page number when citing. You may use MLA citation in different ways; for example, from Chapter 15: In addition, the article states that ERA advocates…would raise womens wages(Schlafly 514). OR: Schlafly writes, ERA advocates…would raise womens wages(514).