Ompare and contrast two buildings(Stanford Memorial Church&Legion of Honor in Sanfrancisco)

The purpose the paper is to look closely at two works of architecture and describe your viewing experience.
First, give a description of each ogject, then compare and contrast the two works in terms of essential elements. This is not research papers. The important thing is decribe of each work and compare and contrast it.
Compare and contrast Two buildings(Stanford Memorial Church & Legion of Honor in San Francisco)
Architecture is tough because there is too much to see and discuss about a building. Limit your paper to something very specific and limited, such as columns and capitals, floor, plans, courtyards or entrances.
* I dont want you to search wikipedia or something. I just want you to write about what you can see some pictures what I will give you. For example, The triumphal arch consisted of two massive piers connected by a round arch”, The arch was supported by ionic columns.”
Legion of Honor is romanesque style building and Memorial church also romanesque style. I want you to be write it more professinal.