Ompare and contrast two efforts by the U.S. military to transform. See #3 in order instructions.


The graded requirements for your military history instruction are designed to measure your ability to express yourself orally and in writing while demonstrating the ability to use a historical perspective in making an argument.

Outline for course argumentative essay
DUE DATE: 31 Jan 2011

Course argumentative essay DUE DATE: 28 March 2011


a. The essay will be 1,250-1.500 words in length (five to seven typed, doubled-spaced pages) not in including title page, documentation (end notes or footnotes), and bibliography page.

3. Compare and contrast two efforts by the U.S. military to transform. Your analysis will identify two or three key factors that led to the perceived or actual need to transform, two or three key policies enacted to effect the desired transformation, the leading forces that shaped policies pursued in order to achieve the transformation, and an assessment as to how well the military organization under investigation achieved its desired end state. In your conclusion, synthesize the insights gained from your study that Soldiers can apply as they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.