Ompare and contrast two films about religion

Compare and contrast the way that religion and the religious are dealt with in two films covered in RLST 2628. Your answer should be fully referenced and 1500 words long.
I just need the plan for this essay firstly, you need to state which 2 films you gonna choose and from which religious aspects you want to compare and constast two films. After I send back to my lecturer and she give me some suggestion about your plan , I will make the new order with you to finish the whole assignment.
Please make sure you watch the 2 movies before writting this plan and focus on the religious elemets.
I will upload the film list for you to choose 2 of them, it would be good if you choose different religious and culture background and find their similarities and differences.
I will also give you some idea the tutor gave us, pls read through it before doing the plan.
Thank you very much for you help.